Our In-House team of experts covers all aspects of the renewable Energy project development needed to successfully reach Ready to Build status


Our In-House team of experts covers all aspects of the PV project development needed to successfully reach Ready to Build status



One of our key strengths is the deep knowledge of the grid evolution and the capability to select the most environmentally sustainable areas for development of utility scale renewable power plants.


In-House team of experts

Our in-house team covers all aspects of the development process: starting with grid profiling and land scouting with holistic feasibility studies, all through every aspect needed for the projects successfully reaching Ready to Build (RTB) status.


Agility & Speed

Our agile site search and identification methodology allows us to execute large power plant developments at a speed that was previously not possible.


Grid Analysis & capacity allocation

We diligently profile and select opportunities for renewable projects based on actual and anticipated capacity of the TSO (Transmission System Operator) in an ever-congested electricity network.

Finding, screening, and securing a suitable land plot

We identify potentially suitable locations to match the identified grid capacity, do preliminary screening of constrains and impediments as well as perform preliminary production and profitability analysis. If the initial screening qualifies the land plot as suitable for the development of the renewable project, our team secures the appropriate land rights for the development of the project.

Securing capacity on the grid

We do the necessary preliminary engineering work, then design and submit the appropriate application for the grid capacity.

Full environmental study

We carry out detailed environmental studies and, upon the environmental validation from the local administrations, start the development engineering stage.

Design, engineering, production and profitability analysis

Our team of highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in the renewable sector designs the power plant and prepares technical documentation. This is accompanied with detailed financial modelling and studying of energy production, in order to ensure high profitability for the buyers of our projects.

Licensing and permitting process

Once all the administrative, legal and environmental permits necessary for the construction of the power plant have been filed to appropriate authorities, we stay on top of the permitting process, interacting with permitting authorities and making all necessary modifications in a fast and agile way.

Ready to build sale

At the point when our project meets all the requirements and is ready for the start of the construction, our work is done, and we offer the power plant in RTB mode to our buyers. Our sell side process is highly structured and repeatable, and all processes are in place to ensure Spin Energy meets the KYC requirements of our larger corporate buyers.