Meet Our People

Neal Gandhi

Founder & Executive Chairman

Neal Gandhi is Executive Chairman, Co-Founder and principal investor in Milan, Italy based Spin Energy SRL.  

Before co-founding Spin Energy, Neal was founder and Chief Executive Officer of TPXimpact, a London Stock Exchange listed technology, design, data and digital experience company (TPX:L), growing the company from zero, through a listing to around 1,000 people including associates within 6 years of incorporation. Today he remains at TPXimpact as the largest shareholder and non-executive director.  

Almost all of Neal’s career has involved starting and scaling companies and has sold those companies to a variety of buyers including a Nasdaq listed company, London Stock Exchange listed companies, private equity firms and trade buyers.  

Educated in the school of life, Neal is married with 6 children and lives just outside of London. 

Igor Ostrolucanin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Acting General Manager Central and Eastern European Markets

Igor is a seasoned entrepreneur who possesses exceptional leadership skills and an impressive track record in establishing prosperous businesses and achieving remarkable outcomes. 

Prior to his involvement with Spin Energy and Bridgelink Europe, he served as a valuable member of the senior leadership team at Solarcentury, a company that was later acquired by Statkraft. 

With proficiency in multiple languages, Igor is a veteran in the international energy business and boasts a remarkable international network and extensive experience in global markets. Having resided and worked in various countries, including prominent European financial hubs like London, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zug, and Monaco, he has cultivated a deep understanding of diverse cultures and business landscapes. Currently, Igor is based in London. 

Throughout his career, Igor has held notable managerial positions at renowned organizations such as Enel, EDF Trading, Deutsche Bank, Cargill International, and Statkraft 

In addition, Igor currently also assumes the role of General Manager for CEE Markets, capitalizing on extensive network and market expertise to drive growth and success. 

Igor has provided development and advisory services to numerous investors entering local markets and played a pivotal role in introducing and facilitating the entry of international renewable companies Solarcentury and Statkraft to Croatia and wider Balkan region. 

His robust local network and a deep understanding of the business is critical in setting up a successful business in the region.

Ivana Nissen

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ivana is a experienced entrepreneur, known for her exceptional leadership abilities and outstanding organizational skills. With over 20 years of hands-on experience as manager and management consultant, she has built an impressive track record, collaborating with esteemed corporations and financial institutions. 

Ivana’s responsibility in SPIN Energy lies in the design of governance and management system as well as overseeing all aspects of corporate operations and project management, ensuring a seamless end-to-end operations and cross-functional collaboration. 

With a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Ivana possesses a strong academic foundation. Additionally, she has honed her skills through various internationally recognized professional certifications in Service Management and Strategic Leadership, further amplifying her expertise in these domains.  

Ivana is fluent in four languages, possesses exceptional communication skills and a natural talent for connecting with people. Her ability to effectively engage and interact with individuals from diverse business domains and backgrounds sets her apart. 

Nicola Bellettieri

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Nicola has an impressive background with over two decades of experience in the industrial and energies industries, with nearly a decade specifically focused on renewable energy. 

Before joining Spin Energy, Nicola held the position of CFO Solar at Contourglobal, located in Milan. Additionally, he worked in the AFC (Asset Finance and Capital) department of Enel Green Power, where he served as Country and Regional CFO for various locations across Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

Nicola is a graduate of the esteemed Bocconi business school and also holds an MBA from HEC Paris. 

When he’s not busy with work, Nicola finds joy in playing padel and exploring the beautiful Dolomites mountains through hiking. 

Mario Farina

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Mario brings a wealth of expertise in the solar energy markets, with a focus on business and project development, EPC construction, and sales. With his extensive experience, he collaborates closely with utilities, off-takers, site designers, and engineers to ensure the smooth and successful management of Spin Energy projects. 

Throughout his impressive career spanning over 22 years, Mario has held leadership positions in multinational subsidiaries within the Italian renewable energy market, as well as in various countries across the Middle East. 

Mario’s educational background includes a master’s degree in electrical engineering, followed by the successful completion of an MBA at the prestigious MIB School of Management in Trieste. 

With his blend of strong people skills, technical knowledge, business acumen, and international experience, Mario is a valuable asset in driving the growth and success of SPIN Energy initiatives. 

Salvatore Illiano

General Manager Italy

Salvatore is an accomplished professional with an impressive background in the renewable energy sector spanning more than 30 years. He has successfully navigated both the Italian and international markets, making him a highly respected expert in PV development. Throughout his career, Salvatore has consistently delivered exceptional results and P&L. 

Since 2006, Salvatore has been actively involved in the Italian renewable industry, gaining extensive knowledge and valuable experience in the Italian PV market. His focus has primarily been on the development and construction of utility scale projects. Currently, at Spin Energy, Salvatore serves as the General Manager for Italy. In this role, he and his team are responsible for overseeing the entire in-house development process of utility scale PV projects, starting from greenfield development all the way to reaching the ready-to-build stage. 

Salvatore’s professional journey includes working with renowned organizations such as the European Space Agency, Woordward BV, General Electric, Norsksolkraft AS, Greensun BV, and Enerland Group. Alongside his impressive career, Salvatore holds a master’s degree in electronic engineering, further demonstrating his expertise and dedication to his field.

Marat Sarbanov

Finance Manager

Marat is responsible for conducting project and pipeline evaluations for various business opportunities. He possesses a remarkable ability to prepare project valuations and financial models, considering different capital structures. 

Marat’s expertise in project finance stems from his extensive experience at EBRD’s London office, where he worked in the power and energy department. During his time there, he focused on intricate infrastructure and renewable energy projects. His role included assessing the creditworthiness of borrowers, originating new deals, and closely monitoring project implementation. 

In addition to his project finance proficiency, Marat is highly skilled in project finance modeling. He was part of a specialized team based in London, where he built complex financial models for renewable energy projects. Moreover, he also developed operational models for gas and water utilities. 

Marat is multilingual which adds to his ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse stakeholders. 

Mario Soletic

Head of IT

Mario has had an impressive international career, having worked for some of the world’s largest companies. At Philips Research Lab, he focused on real-time processing of digital signals and was involved in creating cutting-edge technology prototypes for various European projects. In his role at Philips Semiconductors, Mario provided support to major international TV and set-top box manufacturers worldwide, assisting with the development of software for programmable microchips. 

With a Master’s Degree in Information Technology and a background in Electronic Engineering, Mario brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work. His contribution to SPIN Energy goes beyond his day-to-day project engineering tasks. He is also actively involved in developing an in-house software solution for deep data-driven analysis of projects, using IT as a catalyst for innovation in PV project management. 

Not only is Mario highly skilled in his field, but he is also a member and one of the founders of MENSA in his country. Additionally, he is fluent in Croatian, English, and Italian, allowing him to effectively communicate and collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds. Mario’s diverse skill set, creativity, and friendly nature make him a valuable and well-rounded professional 

Julie Nicholds

Human Resources Manager

With more than 30 years of experience as a Senior HR Practitioner, Julie has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her professional journey has encompassed various roles in both the corporate sector and as an HR Consultant, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the industry

In addition to her HR background, Julie is also a qualified coach, specializing in working with leadership teams to enhance their individual and collective performance. She focuses on areas such as coaching, personal development, and succession planning. Furthermore, Julie is a dedicated Mental Health First Aid Instructor, delivering essential MHFA training to both corporate entities and individuals.